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Required Information for a Phase Converter Quote

The following information is required when ordering a phase converter to assure that you get the right phase converter for your application:

General Information for ALL Applications:

  • Phase converter model and sku you are considering (if known)
  • Available single phase input voltage and frequency
  • Number of motors
  • Motor application, HP or kW, operating voltage, nameplate FLA, and RPM (for each motor)
  • Equipment power wiring diagram and electrical spec sheet´╗┐ (if equipment has any three phase electronics)

For Hydraulic Passenger Elevator:

  • Elevator brand and model
  • New elevator installation? Yes or No

For Air Conditioning/Heater Unit:

  • AC brand, model, supplier, and supplier phone number
  • Each Compressor: RLA and LRA @ Volts for each compressor
  • Heating unit (if applicable): kW and amps, can it be changed to single phase?
  • Each Fan Motor (Indoor and Outdoor): HP, FLA @ Volts, Single or three phase
  • Wiring diagram and motor spec sheet (for new AC units)

For Air Compressors:

  • Does the air compressor use parallel three phase motors? Yes or No
  • Does the motor cycle on and off (such as a cycling piston air compressor)? Yes or No
  • Does the motor run continuously while the compressor loads and unloads the motor (such as a rotary screw air compressor)? Yes or No

For Valve Operators/Actuators:

  • Valve Brand and Model
  • Motor PF at Full Load
  • Motor Locked Rotor Amps and Motor PF at Locked Rotor
  • Motor Running Load Amps (if different than FLA rating)

For Ice-Cream Makers:

  • Machine Brand and Model Number
  • FLA and Voltage for EACH Compressor and Beater Motor (For two-speed beater motors, provide FLA at each speed)

For Irrigation:

  • Electric Motor Pump to be operated from converter? Yes or No,  If yes: Pump Type (submersoble, centrifugal, VHS, Turbine) and Pump Motor Nameplate Data (HP, FLA, Voltage)
  • Pump Soft Start or Drive? Yes or No
  • Center Pivot System? Yes or No, If Yes: Gear Driven Electric Motor or Hydraulic?
  • Pivot Brand, Number of Towers
  • Tower Motors: Number, HP, FLA, Code Letter
  • End Gun Pump? Yes or No, If yes: HP

For CNC Equipment:

  • CNC Input FLA Rating
  • Input Voltage Tolerance: Plus and minus percentage of optimal voltage
  • Peak and Continuous HP Ratings on VDF
  • Three Phase Transformer on Input of Machine? Yes or No
  • Main Drive Motor Instantaneously Forward and Reverse (as in a tapping program)? Yes or No
  • Name of Supplier or Manufacturer, Contact Person and Phone Number
  • Input Power Circuit Wiring Diagram would be helpful

Non-Motor Applications:

  • Application
  • Brand and Model
  • Nominal Voltage, Minimum and Maximum Voltage Tolerance
  • Minimum, Typical, and Max Loads (kW and Amps) - as many as apply